A New Era in Decentralized Education

Vision “To democratize and decentralize education for the greater good of humanity”

Our mission is to empower people across the world to embark on a journey of lifelong learning, unlocking their full potential, and taking control of their financial future.

A Global

Developing Nations

3 billion+

The number of people in developing nations with mobile Internet access

High Schools

650 million

The global EdTech market is expected to grow at an annualised growth rate of 15.2% CAGR

Online Learning

269.7 billion

The online learning market is expected to reach 269.7 billion by 2026

Introducing OLi

OLi has been designed from the ground up as a gamified education platform that not only makes education fun, but that also rewards you 4 learning.


OLi Learn 2 Earn

Our unique learn 2 earn service provides users with the opportunity to get rewarded while embarking on their learning journey.

OLi 4 Business

Businesses, corporations or member based communities can use Oli 4 business to train, educate and engage in a private instance of Oli.

OLi 4 Schools

Enabling schools and teachers to create their own lessons, in new and creatives ways, making learning more fun and engaging.

Artificial Intelligence

The roadmap for OLi has several exciting AI features that are designed to personalise your learning journey and make it a more rewarding experience. Some of the features in development include content curation, adaptive learning, predictive learning and eventually a personal tutor that makes learning more engaging and effective.


Q2 - 2024

MVP beta Testing Web & Mobile, Partnership Development, Token Pre Sale, Ambassador recruitment, content development

Q3 - 2024

OLi Learn 2 Earn launch, OLi 4 Schools launch, Ambassador program launch, public token sale 

Q4 - 2024

Gamification, Enhanced AI, OLi 4 Business launch, Ambassadors in 2 countries

Q1 - 2025

OLi version 2.0 launch, expansion into 3 countries, additional gamification, airdrop

Q2 - 2025

AI personal tutor (beta), Expansion into 5 countries, decentralization (ph1), CEX listing

Q3 - 2025

Creator NFTs, Learning through gaming (beta), Scholarship program launch, Oli 4 Business v2

Q4 - 2025

Advanced gamification, AI personal tutor, decentralisation (Ph2), VR/AR educational experiences (beta)

Q1 - 2026

>100k users, experiential education (beta), decentralised governance

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