Our Vision “To democratize and decentralize education for the greater good of humanity”

Catalyst Proposals

Olympus Insights have submitted 3 catalyst proposals for fund 12 that are designed to onboard web 2 users around the world into the Cardano ecosystem through education and training. Our Oli learn 2 earn platform, which has been self funded, is in the final stages of MVP beta testing and will be launched in July. The three proposals below enhance the capabilities of the platform, which will significantly increase user adoption and retention and help grow the Cardano ecosystem.

Olympus Insights at Catalyst

Welcome to Olympus Insights Fund 12 Proposals! We are committed to the advancement of the Cardano ecosystem and are building products that empower people all around the world to take control of their financial future.

Proposal #1

Accelerate Oli Education Platform Onboarding & User Loyalty via Gamification

Proposal #2

Wallet Integration with Oli Education Platform to Increase Direct User Onboarding to the Cardano Ecosystem

Proposal #3

Ambassador Program Management System & User Onboarding

What have we built so far?

Olympus Insights have built a innovative Learn 2 Earn education platform focused on onboarding web 2 users to the Cardano ecosystem. Users can take courses using their mobile device (iOS & Android) or via a web browser to maximise reach and make it accessible to students in developing nations. Our commitment remains steadfast in consistently enriching and advancing the Cardano ecosystem through high quality and secure technology solutions that foster growth and the long term success of the Cardano blockchain.